Test and Calibration Unit

The Tetis Gas Calibration Laboratory has been approved by the National Iranian Gas Company’s Reference Calibration Reference Center for measuring the gas metering system and has been operating as a calibration pole in the country after conducting detailed inspections. The feature of this device is its automation, the use of digital barometers for each meter and its high precision.

Calibration device features

Approved by the National Iranian Gas Company
Approved by the Center for Measurement and Metrology of the Saiyan
With automatic readout and full automatic calibration
Uniform movement without vibration with constant flow and pressure
Stainless steel body and simple work system

Digital tethis barometer

The pressure drop of the diaphragm gas meters should not exceed 2mbar under any circumstances. In existing calibration systems, the measurement of this pressure drop is done by column barometer barometers, but due to the difficulty of reading and the need for manual recording during the calibration steps, it is usually neglected to do so and replaced by a calibration personnel with a constant value. The Tethys Gas Industries Company has been producing digital barometers, which, in addition to displaying the average pressure drop of each meter, declares the value for calculations to the decree. The values ​​obtained from the barometer for each meter are used to extract the actual error of each meter and, in addition, are recorded in the record of each meter for subsequent analysis.

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