Molding Unit

The production line of the Tethys gas industry, named after the Birjand Industrial Group, Moulding, after molding machines, tenses and assembles the molds. The molds made after the assembly of the final test and the result of the work is checked by the design team, and if the piece is exactly in accordance with the customer’s requirements, the mold will be delivered.

Nowadays, the key to the success of the company is to update the samples of their products. In the competitive market today, it is felt necessary to make new products and update products. After the initial design of the model, the modeling group of Birjand Moulding Group quickly models the sample with Rapid Prototyping Rapid Modeling, and is provided to the design team to examine the sample from different aspects. And, if there is a fault, will be sent to the machine after removal of the sample items.

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