Tetis gas Departments

Design Unit

The Tethys Gas Design Team is a collection of engineers specializing in the design of industrial components, focusing on the design of gas meter parts to produce sophisticated meters.

Parts Manufacturing Unit

All the components needed for the production of Tetris gas tanks are manufactured in the country. All parts are produced at the workshops of the Tethys gas industry subsystem and delivered to the factory without any intermediary.

Production Unit

The assembly line of the plant is designed in such a way that the quality control stations control the various stages of completion of the meter and ultimately a high precision meter delivered the calibration unit and packed.

Molding Unit

The molding industry of the light-desert gas industry, with its facilities and molding facilities, fully supports any production and technical development in line with the set goals. There are various sizes of spark machines, a CNC machine, a grinding machine, a grinding machine, and other necessary tools for precast molding.

Test and Calibration Unit

The Tetris Gas Calibration Laboratory has been approved by the National Iranian Gas Company’s Reference Calibration Reference Center for measuring the gas metering system and has been operating as a calibration pole in the country after conducting detailed inspections. The feature of this device is its automation, the use of digital barometers for each meter and its high precision.

Research and Development Unit

With regard to the education of the team of managers who are mechanical and electronics engineers, all stages of the design and development of the meter have been designed, developed and developed in advance. This unit is currently working on solutions for achieving the company’s vision for intelligent and large-volume meters.

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