Tetis Gas Industrial Guidelines

At Tetis Gas Industrial Group, we are an active domestic and international manufacturer of systems, products and services for measuring gas consumption. With our products and services, we help protect non-renewable resources, thereby contributing significantly to energy savings and environmental protection.

As an international company active in the measurement technology industry, we carry out our activities in accordance with clear guidelines. As we strive for the success of our business, we include environmental protection, innovation promotion, and customer orientation seriously in our policy.

We meet the demands and standards of our customers with our quality – reliability and accuracy are important features of our products and services that have made us famous in this market due to the additional benefits we give to our customers.

The basis of our work is our expertise, which we make available through customer orientation, service and technical support worldwide. Our global network of experts is ready to advise and support our partners and customers by selecting and using the product and solving problems.

Focus on product quality with a view to the future

Innovation and expertise are our basis solutions in meeting the current and future needs of our customers. Due to our worldwide presence and related customer orientation, we are always in touch with our customers and partners around the world.
We are always researching, developing and updating our methods, and therefore we are able to identify early market developments and needs and produce products with maximum efficiency and optimal performance for our customers.

We have been able to create a high level of customer satisfaction for over 10 years, which is a great honor for us. At Tetis Gas Industrial Group, we consider our customers as partners in our business and product development strategy. We have been working with many of our customers for more than 10 years. Reliability, quality and trust are the basis of stable customer relationships and long-standing cooperation with our partners around the world.

Need-Based in Technical Standards

Most of our customers are looking for a specific solution and product that meets their needs. In developing gas meters, we always take into account the technical and legal requirements, and at the same time, we adapt our products to the needs of our customers.

We consider application areas in the development and economic and climatic demands of customers. We consider it as our most important task to create a unique solution for each customer.

Environmental Protection

At Tetis Gas Industrial Group, we want to contribute as much as possible to the protection of the environment during our business activities.Whether in the production process, in procurement or in the office, our employees are informed of their duties and we teach them about environmental protection.

All Tetis employees are committed to the environment in what they do.


One of the important components of our organizational culture is the quality of our products and services. At Tetis, we consider it our duty and the right of our customers to provide high quality technical products. Integrated monitoring of product quality throughout the production line is continuous, and the ISO-9001: 2015 certification is a seal of approval for our ongoing efforts.

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