Tetis Gas Industrial Group started its activity in 1991 in the field of producing gas meters with high accuracy and quality and with the cooperation of an experienced engineering team in Mazandaran province, Babol city. These meters include domestic and commercial gas meters in the sizes of G2 / 5, G4 and G6. We are one of the first factories to consider engineering design in our production meters and after reviewing and analyzing the defects of other meters. Therefore, we have full confidence in the accuracy and quality of our products.

The production process of smart diaphragm meters in Tetis Gas Industrial Group follows a very precise and advanced engineering system including molding, plastic and bakelite injection, pressing and welding, digital magnetic sensor, research and development, assembly and finally calibration laboratory. The company initially formed in the year? and for the first time put plastic and composite injection on its agenda. Over time, this home-based business expanded rapidly, with high standards and sustainable reliability in various areas.

This industrial group tries to show the symbol of a quality group work in the field of meter manufacturing by using the knowledge and capability of young people and by presenting engineering principles and implementing practical rules of quality management.

Gas meter is a set of different parts of different materials, in some parts, precision and elegance are very important.

Tetis Gas Industrial Complex was able to produce all parts within the company, and this in itself required extensive knowledge, technology and work, which led to the formation of knowledge-based and dynamic complexes with the technical ability of local engineers and specialists. It is clearly a sign of Iranian power to produce an Iranian product with high quality. In recent years, domestic and industrial gas meters, like many other industries, have undergone extensive changes in line with the emergence of new technologies. Problems caused by the presence of a large number of manpower to read gas meters, the resulting high costs, human error, manipulation of meters by violators, as well as security and social problems resulting from traditional methods, have led to the emergence of a new generation of gas meters. The importance of this issue is such that the use of smart meters for subscribers by the National Iranian Gas Company is one of the country’s priority projects in the coming years. Tetis Gas Industrial Group is one of the companies active in the field of production of smart gas meters which has taken steps to solve the problems caused by old meters and produce a new generation of domestic and industrial diaphragm gas meters with the ability of tens of specialized and capable Iranian workers and considers intelligent and remote control meters, which is a completely indigenous product. One of the most important advantages of producing smart diaphragm gas meters by Tetis Gas Industrial Group is to reduce energy loss and prevent the loss of natural gas as one of the missions set for the resistance economy. More advantages in measurement, the ability to read remotely, reduce human error and save time and capital are other advantages of producing these meters.

Tetis Gas Industries is on the list of authorized domestic suppliers of the Ministry of Oil of Iran.
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Tetis Gas Industrial Group is set up and managed by a number of elite graduates of prestigious industrial universities in Iran. The company’s management team is still in touch with the university and is using the knowledge available in the universities.

The management team has created a space in the factory and company environment where all personnel work hard to achieve the company’s goals. The family of Tetis Gas Industrial Group is about 60 people, of which 3 people are in charge of its management, and 6 staff members are working to support and provide a suitable space for the activities of about 50 production workers.

Continuing education programs designed for all personnel have strengthened the thinking and thinking power of this team.

Tetis Gas Industrial Group, using advanced equipment and facilities and using the power of the elites of the most prestigious universities in the country and the experiences of industrial experts, plays a constructive role in reducing gas waste as one of the country’s strategic goals in the field of energy and implementation of macro policies in the field of resistance economy with a customer-centric approach. Continuing this path, digitizing the meter numerator, smartening and remote reading, and designing large size meters are among the ongoing projects of the company. We believe that taking a step in the direction of smartening the industry will help the Islamic Iran in achieving to the peaks of honor and pride to reach the goals of the country’s vision document, especially in the field of energy.

Facts & Figures

We achieved these achievements with the efforts of all our colleagues during our activity


Daily production


Daily repairs

10 Years


700 Employees


Tetis History

  • 2006


    The young and energetic team of Tetis was formed this year under the leadership of Engineer Heydari and studied the idea of ​​designing and manufacturing gas meters and expanded their technical knowledge in this field.

    They examined the weaknesses and strengths of other meters in the market and eliminated their weaknesses and design compatible with the Iranian climate.

  • 2010

    Design and molding

    Using the knowledge and capabilities of the young forces, this industrial group, with the group of mold making and plastic injection and the delicate set of Tabaristan structure (manufacturer of calibration devices and production line tools), established the production line of a unique meter in Tetis complex. The establishment of the production line could be the starting point for the Tetis team motto that we can.


  • 2010

    Starting the Company

    This year, the complex began work with eight experienced provincial technicians in the old factory building. Simultaneously with the establishment of the technician team along with the technical management team, the processes of company registration rights and obtaining licenses began. Tetis declared its existence.

  • 2012

    Build a new building

    The new building of the company was constructed in Mansourkandeh industrial town with a large shed, office, guard, warehouse and personnel playground with an area of ​​۱۰,۰۰۰ square meters.



  • 2013


    With more than 40 new staff, the company continues its work with strength to this day.

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