Our Brand

The company brand, which is derived from a brand, is far more memorable than a visual symbol. A mission or brand vision guarantees the practical principles and techniques of the company or organization. Corporate brand; Beyond the programs, services, products and shows that are all about the company; Includes reputation, culture, values ​​of that company or organization
The Tetis brand was registered in 2009 under number 345485 in the Official Document Registration Organization of Iran.
In the logo of Tetis Gas Industrial Group, two symbols of gears and gas flames in blue and red colors have been used, which are the symbols of industry and innovation in the gas industry. The blue flame symbolizes the burning of gas and the red evokes the heat of fire. Gears can also be a display of metalwork.
Tetis was actually the name of an ocean. An ancient ocean between the continents of Gondwana and Lorazia for most of the Middle Ages (Upper Permian to Middle Jurassic). The western end of the ocean later separated southern Europe and northern Africa.